The Science of Flows™

The Scientific principles of Developmental Kinesiology (DK) lies at the core of Dr. Gallo’s approach to Baseball Flows™. By studying global motor patterns and understanding ideal functional patterns, he has been able to identify the muscle synergies involved in each developmental position, such as supine, prone, crawl, sit, tripod, walking, squat, and bear.

Through his research and experience, Dr. Gallo has discovered that training the transitions from these developmental positions is essential for unlocking an athlete’s full potential and minimizing the risk of injury. By incorporating transitional training into Baseball Flows™ exercises, he helps athletes build strength, flexibility, fluidity and mobility in a way that is natural and intuitive.

Baseball Flows™ is a training method that helps baseball and softball players improve their performance on the field. It combines two important principles: Developmental Kinesiology (DK) and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS).

DK focuses on studying how our bodies naturally develop movement patterns. By incorporating these natural positions into Baseball Flows™ exercises, players can become stronger, more flexible, and move better overall. It helps unlock their full potential and reduces the risk of injury.

DNS emphasizes training the brain and muscles to work together effectively. Through specific exercises, Baseball Flows™ improves communication between the brain and muscles, leading to better performance and fewer injuries. It helps players develop efficient and precise movements that become automatic.

Baseball Flows™ also addresses the specific movements required in baseball and softball. It includes exercises that involve turning, vertical and horizontal changes, and other movements that traditional exercises often miss. By practicing these movements, players develop the strength, stability, and coordination they need to excel in the game.

Overall, Baseball Flows™ provides a science-based approach to enhance athletic performance. It creates lasting changes in movement patterns, improves overall performance, and reduces the risk of injury. Coaches can incorporate Baseball Flows™ into their training programs to help players reach their full potential on the field.

Better Movement = Better Player

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